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What? Sunny Leone to act in ‘Meena Kumari’ biopic?

Sunny Leone in ‘Meena Kumari’ biopic?

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Given the recent trend of Biopics in Bollywood, yet-another-biopic is on its way. This time the biopic would be of former Heroine, Legendary actress Meena Kumari who is often known as the ‘Tragedy Queen’ for her roles in the film. Guess what, who will be reprising her role? It is Sunny Leone. Yes. Sunny Leone has been finally confirmed to reprise the role of Meena Kumari on the silver screen.

Speaking on his choice of Sunny Leone as ‘Meena Kumari’, Director Karan Razdan said that, ‘I approached Vidya Balan and Madhuri Dixit initially. But they both have refused the film citing personal reasons. Later, I was asked by Sunny Leone to narrate the script to her. She gave a green signal to act after she completely heard the script. Who else has guts apart from Sunny, to take up the role of Meena Kumari, whose life ended due to excessive consumption of alcohol’.

Meena Kumar is often considered as one of the finest actors in the history of Indian cinema. During her 33-year film career, she starred in about 92 films. Many of those films went on to achieve classic and cult status today. She died at a very young age of 38 years due to severe liver cirrhosis. Excessive alcohol drinking was learnt to be the cause.

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