Suri’s Murderer Bhanu Imprisoned For A Lifetime


The sensational case of Maddelacheruvu Suri’s murder by his confidante Bhanu shook the entire United AP before seven years. After all these years, the Nampalli Court has given its final verdict after a long hearing. Details of this case as follows.The TDP Minister Paritala Ravi has been terminated by the mastermind Maddelacheruvu Suri to seek his revenge a decade ago. Post this episode, Suri has been convicted by the Police and later released on Bail.When he was travelling in a car with his very close associate Bhanu, the latter shot Suri for his personal reasons and disappeared into hiding.

The same Bhanu was caught by the Nampalli Police in the Illegal Arms trade and the culprit has been behind the bars. Now the most delayed case of Suri’s murder came to the trail and the murdered Bhanu was found guilty. The Judge passed the verdict of giving lifetime imprisonment to Bhanu along with a fine of 20,000.The followers of Suri and his wife Gangula Bhanumathi are quite delighted with this verdict as they can see Bhanu suffering in prison forever. Finally, this ground shattering case came to an end leaving all the victims and culprits in a deep pit.


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