Viral: Controversial Leader Chintamaneni’s Ruckus At Toll Gate


The TDP Government’s Chief Whip Chintamaneni Prabhakar is known for his most controversial lifestyle. This newsmaker again hit the headlines by making unwanted Hungama in the Public Domain.Going into the details, Prabhakar who is traveling his private car entered the Khaja Toll Gate near Guntur today at earlier hours. All went nicely until the Toll Plaza staff asked him to pay the Toll fee for crossing the Gate. The Denduluru MLA known for his instant triggering hesitated to pay the fee and declared them he is the Government Servant and he can pass skipping the fee.Reluctant staff tried their best to halt this MLA which made the latter frustrated and left the place to board an RTC bus along with his gunmen.

On contrary, the Toll Plaza staff is claiming that they didn’t recognize Chintamaneni as his outfit is different from that of he appears regularly and he sported a cap which made it even hard to identify. As soon as the staff saw the Gunmen, they allowed the MLA to pass without paying the fee but the MLA created ruckus intentionally with an agenda. Police reached the spot and started their investigation regarding this issue. Whoever is responsible for this rupture, Chintamaneni’s angry nature is making many believe that he is the sole responsibility for everything happened today.


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