Wednesday, June 23, 2021
HomelatestTwo T-TDP MLAs Decided Their Future Plan Already

Two T-TDP MLAs Decided Their Future Plan Already

The Telangana TDP camo faced a huge humiliation after winning just two seats out of all the thirteen it contested. Of these two won MLAs, one has decided to shift the party for his Political gains and the other preferred to stay loyal.Sandra Venkata Veeraiah and M Nageswara Rao are lucky enough to win in the constituencies of Sattupalli and Aswaraopet constituencies in the happened snap polls. However, the mastermind KCR has tried his best to lure these two MLAs to make the T-TDP count zero in the Telangana Assembly. Of these two, Sandra is in talks with the TRS Chief and has made up his mind to join TRS officially if and only if he is inducted into the Cabinet.

According to the TRS camp, the talks are positive and KCR is willing to give a cabinet post to Sandra.In case of Nageswara Rao, this MLA chose to stay with the party along to represent in the Assembly all by himself. The other day he met the Chief CBN regarding his action plans and gave his word on sticking to the party no matter what. CBN appreciated the Aswaraopeta MLA for his loyalty and wished him his best for his future course of action. CBN is also trying to stop Sandra but the latter has more choices with KCR than CBN as far as his Political future is concerned.

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