Sunday, January 29, 2023
HomelatestJSP Is Delighted To Get Glass Tumbler As Its Party’s Symbol

JSP Is Delighted To Get Glass Tumbler As Its Party’s Symbol

Call it as ground shattering craze or his speciality, whatever that is associated with Pawan Kalyan, it would become a style statement without many efforts. After the famous red towel fashion used by Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh, now the Glass Tumbler is doing rounds on the internet for a special reason.The reason is nothing other than that the Election Commision released the Glass Tumbler as the Janasena’s election symbol. Within no time, this glass is trending top among the social networking sites. Many including the Supreme are happy with this symbol as it represents the common man’s life. This glass is well known as a tea glass where many lower to middle-class people would use for having water, tea and sometimes coffee on footpaths and small hotels.

None other than Pawan Kalyan expressed his happiness over this symbol as he personally likes this glass very much. Now fans are busy sharing this symbol is for Janasena as people would confuse it with other symbols on EVMs. Netizens who are followers of Pawan Kalyan are editing the pictures of all heroes who are caught using this glass in their movies as if they are supporting Janasena.They may be lucky or they really prayed for it, this glass symbol already dwelled into the minds of entire Telugu States with ease. From now onwards, one can see the Janasena flags with this glass tumbler along with the red towel and the victory fist.

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