TDP Advises Jagan And Co.To Stop Defaming A.P

TDP Advises Jagan And Co. To Stop Defaming A.P

The TDP has slammed the opposition party and its chief Y.S Jagan for degrading the image of the sun-rising state Andhra Pradesh. The High Court has dismissed the petition filed for ordering an enquiry to check the irregularities happened in setting up the IT firms in A.P state from the past 4 years. Citing this as a grand victory of CBN’s rule, the ruling party has fumed on YSR Congress and its chief Jagan for relentlessly trying to defame Chandrababu Naidu for his political mileage.

TDP M.P Ravindra Kumar opined that YSR Congress

The TDP M.P Ravindra Kumar opined that YSR Congress and Jagan should learn from this and advised them to stop defaming A.P in front of the outside world with their baseless and meaningless allegations. He also stated that the HC has dismissed the petition due to the lack of truth in it. On the flip side, the petition was filed by former law officer Shravan Kumar.


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