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Report : Telugu Film Maker’s “Searching” Box office Collections

Indo – American Film Maker Aneesh Chaganti created a storm in social media with his trailer “Searching” which grabbed eyeballs of the movie lovers. Soon after its release at the box office, it did fantastic at the box office as well. Aneesh Chaganty, whose roots are in Hyderabad. Chaganty worked for a long time at Google before inclining toward full-time filmmaker.

American Film Maker Aneesh Chaganti

The story revolves around father’s experience whose daughter goes missing. Lastly, the enormous turns that come ahead in the spine-chiller have astounded the audience without any doubt. The film is made up with a shoe-string spending plan, the film collected $23,271,437 dollars by September 28th 2018. That is a tremendous achievement for any filmmaker.

The FIlm released on August 24,

The FIlm released on August 24, the film features Korean star John Cho for the lead role, has officially settled Chaganty as a movie producer to figure with. A Huge compliment for this movie came from the “Crazy Rich Asians” team when they booked a whole theatre to watch the film.

Country and Date Wise Collections Report :

Aruba: $6,0209/2/18

Australia: $570,4429/23/18

Estonia: $10,5729/16/18

France: $407,0469/16/18

India : $350,9149/16/18

Indonesia: $2,155,8119/16/18

Jamaica: $6,1619/9/18

Latvia: $8,9209/16/18

Lithuania: $33,2399/23/18

Netherlands: $482,2829/16/18

New Zealand: $63,2419/16/18

Norway: $64,9479/23/18

Slovakia$: 19,3859/16/18

South Korea: $19,273,3919/16/18

Switzerland: $47,3269/16/18

Thailand: $497,7809/16/18

Trinidad & Tobago: $39,4179/16/18

United Kingdom: $2,572,2769/16/18

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