Thursday, December 2, 2021
HomelatestYSRCP Big Blunder In Dachepalli Rape Case Helped TDP:

YSRCP Big Blunder In Dachepalli Rape Case Helped TDP:

TDP And YSRCP Leaders On Dachepalle Rape Case 

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The power mongering Political party YSRCP has completely mishandled addressing brutal rape case of minor in Dachepalli. Despite failing to showcase sympathy, their enthusiasm in Politicising this issue hit back at them like anything. Right after the issue, the entire State is in grief knowing the heartbreaking case. The Government without adding Political color tried its best to solve the case.

Even the CM CBN assured the State that he would catch the culprit and hang him mercilessly. Other Political parties like CPI, CPM, Janasena expressed their condolences and pledged to do justice. But the Opposition party YSRCP entered the village and declared that the TDP ruling is the responsibility for this issue. Its Chief, Jagan stated that TDP rulers fail to provide protection for children and women. Its MLA Roja went further and urged people to vote for Jagan in order to stop rapes. Finally, the culprit was found hanging to the tree which is unable to believe. Many thought that the TDP Government has plans to encounter the culprit.

Meanwhile, the YSRCP despite keeping silence dared to Publish in its official newspaper that the culprit is a fan and follower of TDP. Not stopping there, the paper claimed that CBN is trying to encounter him to bury this fact forever. Guess what, the bullet backfired and the actual fact is that the deceived culprit Subbaiah is a fan of YSR and is following YSRCP. YSRCP just pushed itself into its own pit for their hunger to get into Power. These bullets not only backfired but helped TDP hugely. If the newspaper didn’t mention the party, they would not have enquired and get the actual facts.

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