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HomelatestA Mind-Blowing  Strategy Of Vijaya Sai Reddy Decoded:

A Mind-Blowing  Strategy Of Vijaya Sai Reddy Decoded:

Vijaya Sai Reddy Decoded Strategy 

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The other day the YSRCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy declared that he is all set to contest from TDP Supreme Chandrababu Naidu’s own constituency of Kuppam. For those who take Reddy’s words as lite, here is a stunning explanation behind his strategy.

The strategic team of YSRCP is on fire as it is becoming a success in mounting pressure on TDP Government with their continuous actions. After Krishna district renaming bomb, the party’s number two Vijaya Sai Reddy stated that he is ready to fight against CBN if his supreme Jagan grants Kuppam ticket. If we observe carefully, the main target is not the Kuppam constituency but the Chittoor MP seat. Yes, it is true because if we look at the statistics, Kuppam constituency plays a key role in selecting the Chittoor region as the percentage of voters matter in this aspect. Even Jagan and Vijaya Sai are aware of the fact that Kuppam is CBN’s fort and it is not so easy to win over him.

But their USP is to reduce the votes to TDP in order to get the Chittoor MP seat in YSRCP account. Apart from this reason, the TDP Chief is all set to withdraw contesting in Kuppam in order to make his son Lokesh as the MLA to answer critics. If at all Babu replaces Lokesh in Kuppam, then YSRCP can claim that CBN feared to contest against Vijaya Sai Reddy. In Politics, each and every step has more than one targets and this is just an example of it. Known for his clever tactics, CBN is expected to come up with a brilliant counter to YSRCP.

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