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TDP’s New Promise: Pension For Unemployed Students

TDP Declaring Pension For Unemployed Students

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The TDP Chief has started his campaign for the upcoming elections by declaring his first ever big promise for the voters in order to regain power. This time, he targeted the unemployed youth with a new promise.CBN has been testing the patience of AP youth by stating that he will give them monthly pensions until they get employment since a year. But no Minister opened their mouth regarding this promise and CBN too maintained his lips tight. To lure voters who are getting attracted to YS Jagan, TDP has decided to start giving away promises as general elections are less than a year.

After all these days, CBN uttered the word Unemployment Pension yet again and this time, he announced the month of commencement. Babu in his rally declared that all the unemployed youth should register their names in Employment Exchange offices in order to get the pension from the month of June itself. He is giving 1500 for Intermediate certificate holders and 2000 for graduates/postgraduates. Intelligent Babu is including the kids of government job holders into this scheme to lure their parents’ votes as well.

Some section of youth expressed their joy over AP CM’s promise but a maximum of them are ridiculing his ineffective ruling. It’s been four-plus years since he took charge and he failed to provide employment. Forget about employment, if at all he cared about youth, he would have announced this pension in the first year of his ruling but not at the end of his term, opined a young voter. In parallel, Jagan is promising tons of things for the unemployment Youth which is apparently rupturing TDP camp. Let us see if the AP Government really starts this scheme from June or not.

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