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Tollywood’s Ban On TV Channels: Only A Rumour

Tollywood To Ban TV Channels It Is Rumour 

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Some section of media started propagating about the Telugu Film Industry regarding the ban of some selected TV Channels for their inappropriate content. Nagababu and some Industry sources declare interesting things about this Ban speculation.Earlier, it was speculated that the channels TV9, TV5, ABN, and Mahaa will be banned by TFI for supporting Sri Reddy and telecasting her abusing Pawan Kalyan’s mother. Deeply hurt by their TRP hungry programmes, Tollywood had a meeting but didn’t declare the ban officially.

It was believed that some industry biggies imposed the ban but Nagababu, when approached, has cleared that they are not imposing a ban on any channels but warned them to change their attitude. After a detailed enquiry, it came to know that a big meeting was held between Tollywood biggies and a couple of senior journalists from mentioned channels. In their meeting, both positives and negatives regarding Tollywood and media were discussed and came to amicable solution through dialogue. A source which participated in this discussion mentioned the highlights of the discussions.

Topics from Sri Reddy and casting couch, Abusing Pawan Kalyan, slamming Tollywood biggies with special debate programmes were raised from Film Chamber’s side. Whereas supporting the only Mega family, imposing the ban, boycotting channels, encouraging fans by asking them to avoid channels etc are some main issues raised by media side. In the end, they have decided not to ban the channels and in turn, media assured that they will not encourage Sri Reddy and asked not to boycott channels or else they would start telecasting their evidence against Tollywood biggies. We have to wait and see if Tollywood and channels go hand in hand like before or continue their fight.

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