Confident CBN Releases First List Of MLA Candidates From TDP


Its been less than 24 hours since the EC revealed the election dates, the ruling party became the first one in the AP to release the maximum list of its candidates for the Assembly elections.

The TDP Chief CBN is quite prepared for the upcoming general elections for quite a lot of time. Along with impressive schemes, Babu is filtering candidates by having feedback from all his quarters across the State. Today, he released the first list which has 115 candidates and their represented constituencies. The AP CM is keen on gaining power by repeating the 2014 success by selecting almost all the sitting MLAs for their second term. Despite some allegations, some controversial leaders like Chintamaneni again got the opportunity to be in the race for the MLA seat in the AP Assembly. A quick look at the list says that Babu has done his research before selecting the candidates. On this week’s end, he is speculated to be releasing another 30 names and then it’s just only 30 more to go.

By releasing the list, CBN has mounted pressure on the Opposition and Janasena regarding their lagging work in candidates selection. Political buffs speculate that Janasena would wait for YSRCP’s list as well to finally decide its candidates after all the calculations compared to the rival party’s candidates.


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