TDP MLA Mani Gandhi to leave the party soon


TDP MLA Mani Gandhi to leave the party soon

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The MLA of Kodumur in Kurnool District, Mani Gandhi has made mind-blowing revelations on his party TDP the other day. Let us have a look at these sensational lines which left many political followers in dire shock.

Mani Gandhi who joined TDP post the elections said that he sold his soul to the party and its Chief Chandrababu Naidu for his personal growth. He felt that his political career was ruined with this bad step in his entire life. Mani confessed that with many hopes he had joined TDP but he came to know that the party is nothing but trash. This TDP Incharge who has issues with another leader Vishnu Vardhan Reddy declared that he is ready to leave the party than losing his self-respect against Vishnu. Gandhi further said that he trusted CBN’s leadership but the Chief was too busy to solve the problems of his own party’s issue. It’s been more than a couple of years and still, he and his batch didn’t get the membership cards despite paying some good 14+ lakhs of money to the party. This MLA blasted a big bomb on the TDP by claiming that his good friend Jayaramudu who is the MLA of Badvel constituency is also leaving the party very soon.

This is a severe loss to the TDP which is already in neck depth problems regarding the AP Bifurcation Act problems, pressure from the Opposition parties and alliance parties in the state. No wonder if TDP gets scattered in this power game during the upcoming general elections. For now, some MLA’s who jumped from YSRCP are willing to go back by denting TDP.

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