TDP MLC’s stunning comments on Janasenani

TDP MLC’s Stunning Comments on Janasena

Janasena Chief is making the leaders of TDP restless by irritating them with his speeches in his ongoing Praja Porata Yatra. Responding to him, some of the TDP members are lashing out on Pawan Kalyan every other day. An MLC of Yellow camp has fumed fire on the Janasenani recently.

Pawan Kalyan is concentrating on the land pooling policy of Ruling party, TDP in Undavalli problems. On his one day protest against the TDP’s land grabbing, he demanded the State Government to go back and let the farmers have their lands as the officials already gathered enough land. Pawan warned Naidu and his TDP leaders that he will stage a protest if he continues to trouble the farmers. Responding to this, TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna termed an analogy on Pawan Kalyan. Comparing Pawan to a poisonous Snake,  Venkanna declared that Pawan wanted CBN like Snake wanted Lord Shiva during 2014 elections. Watching at the importance and admiration on CBN ( Lord Shiva)., Pawan ( Poisonous Snake)too went against CBN to get the same limelight and that is the reason that Pawan is spitting Venom on CBN and TDP these days according to this MLC.

Responding Venkanna, the Janasena followers ask him to question his Chief CBN regarding the rejection of Special Category Status for the Special Package. They, in turn, ask the TDP MLC to start fighting on the State’s problems rather than wasting his time on their head Pawan Kalyan.


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