TDP To Repeat A PRP With YSRCP?

TDP To Repeat A PRP With YSRCP

Day by day, more and more leaders from the TDP is joining the Opposition party YSRCP. Despite being happy, well-wishers of YS Jagan are indicating a possible threat to this phenomenon.

Back then in 2009, when PRP was in full swing, the TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu cleverly sent his close aides and followers to join in the Chiranjeevi’s Political party. They later became close to the PRP Chief and got all their strategies then leaked everything to CBN and finally the PRP bit dust. This seems to be repeating with the YSRCP as loyalists of CBN are now leaving TDP for joining YSRCP. Jagan and his batch are cheering up to see leaders leaving the TDP but at the same time, they need to know that this might be a covert strike prepared by the Political mastermind Chandrababu Naidu who outshined so-called top most Politicians in his era. It is high time for Jagan to acknowledge this fact and not to disclose his secret strategies to these new joinings or else he might pay the price post the elections.

On contrary, some of the YSRCP leaders who failed to get a ticket from Jagan is joining TDP with a concrete promise to field in as MLAs or MPs in the upcoming elections. One has to wait and see if all these strategies yield results.


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