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They Asked Me To Sleep With Them – Telugu Heroine

Telugu Hero Asked Her To Sleep With Him

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Thanks to few YouTube channels, and TRP-based Telugu Media, actress Sri Reddy shot to fame. From the past few days, the actress took to social and electronic media to express the kind of sexual harassment and casting couch she has faced in the Tollywood film industry.

There is a new entrant in the league of ‘whistleblowers’ talking about the casting couch practice in Tollywood. She is none other than Madhavi Latha, Nachavule movie fame. Though the actress impressed everyone with her looks, acting and glamour, she hardly established herself as a leading heroine.

Talking to a leading YouTube channel, Madhavi Latha said, ‘newbies entering the film industry are subjected to mental and physical torture. Many directors and producers openly asked me to sleep with them.

I can reveal their names. But it would hamper at both personal and professional levels. It will as well create disturbances in their personal lives. We cannot move with other craftsmen like before’.She further went on to add, ‘Telugu directors and producers prefer Mumbai heroines over Telugu heroines for reasons only known to them’.

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