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Thanks To Everyone For Giving Great Response for Gangleader’: Nani

Natural Star Nani, Versatile Director Vikram K Kumar joined hands for a full-length family entertainer ‘Nani’s Gangleader’. Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravishankar, Mohan (CVM) are producing this film in Mythri Movie Makers banner. Latest Music Sensation Anirudh has composed music for this film. Priyanka plays the love interest of Nani in the film. RX100 fame Kartikeya is playing a crucial role in ‘Nani’s Gangleader’. ‘Nani’s Gangleader’ released worldwide on Sep 13th and is running with superb collections with a terrific response from the audience. On this occasion, the team shared their happiness with media at Annapurna Seven Acres, Hyderabad.

Thanks To Everyone For Giving Great Response for Gangleader': Nani

Producer Naveen Yerneni said, ” Our ‘Nani’s Gangleader’ which was released worldwide on September 13th is witnessing terrific collections allover. The film is receiving a very good response from all sections of audiences. The film became a huge blockbuster. Theatres were further increased due to the very good mouth talk. This is another quality film from our banner. ‘Nani’s Gangleader’ registers Nani gari career-best openings in many areas and we are expecting the same in the long run too. Everyone, watch the film in theatres. You will enjoy for sure.”

Director Vikram K Kumar said, ” Thanks to all for your love and care. Watch the film only in theatres.” Mythri Movie Makers CEO Chiranjeevi (Cherry) said, ” Everyone is saying the same thing that the film is very good. The first and second shows yesterday got Housefull. Even today’s morning shows are showing fast filling status everywhere. Thanks to the audience for accepting and owning the film.” Cinematographer Miroslaw Kuba Brojek said, ” Thanks to my friend Vikram Kumar for this opportunity. Working with a famous actor like Nani and Mythri Movie Makers is a pleasant experience.” Heroine Priyanka Arul Mohan said, ” I am very happy seeing the response from the audience. Watch the film in theatres and definitely you will enjoy the film.” Actor Kartikeya said, ” ‘Happy’ seems like a small word to describe how I feel now. I heard a lot of comments when I decided to do this film. But, during the process of making the film, I believed that I have takes the right decision. I haven’t expected such a huge result. My role got a superb response and It’s like a dream for me. The performance I did in the film is taught by Vikram sir. Nani Garu is my inspiration and he became my mentor, family member with this film. The encouragement I am getting for this film will definitely make me do many more good films in the future.”

Natural Star Nani said, ” There is a dialogue in ‘Nenu Local’ film, ‘Fielders Leni Ground Lo Four Kodite Kickke Undadu…’. We edited out that dialogue from the movie. But, now I want to refer that dialogue as a lot of aspects worried us on the release day of the film. The film crossing all the hurdles has raised its graph with every passing show. Today’s morning shows started on a very strong note. Till now we talked about the film and from hereon the movie will speak itself. Thanks to everyone who has owned ‘Gangleader’ and for your good response to the film. The film is getting a super response on social media since it’s release. They are using an emoticon for everyone’s performance. We believe this is the real victory. Kartikeya’s performance and Vennela Kishore’s comedy are being praised in every review. I noticed one thing after the release is a fan club has been started for Priyanka Arul Mohan on the very first day. I felt very happy seeing a message stating that Mythri Movie Makers scored another hit. My cousin has sent me a video from Mallikharjuna theatre showing how much families are enjoying the film. Thanks to each and everyone for such positivity towards the film.”

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