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The shooting of south ‘Queen’ movie stalled?

The shooting of south ‘Queen’ movie stalled?

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Bollywood super hit film ‘Queen’ is being remade in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam simultaneously. The lead actress would be different in each and every language. Tamanna in Telugu, Kajal in Tamil, Manjima Mohan in Malayalam and Parul Yadav in Kannada would be acting. Thyagarajan himself has produced the movie in all of four languages.

The film unit recently shot few key scenes in France with 4 different actresses in 4 different languages. Given the scenario, the producer has realized that the budget of the movie would be 3 times than what was initially planned. Currently, Thyagarajan is scouting for financiers to keep the film going.

It is also learnt that the producer is making some key changes to control the budget of the movie in the upcoming second and third shooting schedules. Meanwhile, people close to the producer and Tamil film industry are casting clouds on the completion of the film itself.

Currently, the film has been stalled unofficially. An official statement is yet to be heard from the film’s production unit.


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