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Heroes And Their Favourite Parties In 2019

Movie Industry and Politics should always go hand in hand as their mutual understanding and help results in benefits of both the sides. As the elections on 2019 are approaching, leading pack of Tollywood heroes are all set to support their respective Political parties.

 Politician Pawan Kalyan

Needless to say, the top star turned Politician Pawan Kalyan is now going all big with his party Janasena so the mega clan is going to bat for this Power Star. Only the Stylish Star Allu Arjun from this mega camp will be supporting TDP as his father in law has joined the TDP recently. Coming to the Nandamuri family, the patch up between Balayya and late Hari Krishna’s families seem to be a big advantage to the TDP. Young Tiger NTR Jr and his elder brother Kalyan Ram will extensively campaign for TDP in AP and Telangana States.

TDP while Pan Indian star Prabhas

Low profile heroes like Superstar Mahesh Babu will surely help his brother in law Galla Jayadev and TDP while Pan Indian star Prabhas might campaign for his Uncle Krishnam Raju and BJP. Other heroes like Nikhil have their own family members trying their luck in Politics. Another hero rockstar Manchu Manoj’s recent course of actions explains his direct entry into the Political ground. Some say he is interested to join Janasena for his recent appraisals on Pawan Kalyan whereas some predict Manoj will follow his father Mohan Babu’s legacy in TDP.

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