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Suresh Babu Sons Involved In Drug Case

Top Producer saying my sons are clean

Top Producer saying my sons are clean: Popular producer Suresh Babu’s sons have a habit of drugs and Rana name has been heard in the police investigation. But Suresh Babu used his political influence to keep his son’s out of this case. Rana has a habit of taking drugs for the past few years, and the media has been familiar. With the fact that Rana has been taking drugs in pubs and clubs. However, Suresh Babu responded to the latest news in the media and said his son was not familiar with the drugs.

Media is promoting the persons who involved in drug case Suresh Babu’s elder son Rana and the younger son Abhiram. Suresh Babu comes in front of the media. A group of advertisers will be doing this kind of admiration, and his two sons have claimed that he is ready to do what he wants. Suresh Babu said that he did not know the ten celebrities who were using drugs in the industry and after seeing news in the media. Some of the film categories say strongly Suresh Babu younger son Abhiram surely has drug hobby. Some people saying that he always in the pubs.

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