Thursday, January 20, 2022
HomelatestTremors Within Telangana Mahakutami!!!

Tremors Within Telangana Mahakutami!!!

The grand alliance of Telangana, Mahakutami which comprises of T-Congress, T-TDP, TJS and CPM is readying their fight against the TRS for the elections in December. Meanwhile, within the alliance, there existed internal wars due to seat sharing. Among all the 119 constituencies of Telangana Assembly, Congress initially stated that it would limit to 85 seats and the remaining seats will be given to the alliance partners. But as the days passed on, the firm TPCC is now looking forward to contesting 100 seats out of 119 at any cost leaving other parties fight for those 19 seats.

parties like T-TDP and TJS

This didn’t go well with the other parties like T-TDP and TJS. CPI is very stubborn about getting a minimum of five seats whereas the Kodandaram lead TJS is fighting for 15 seats. Needless to say, the T-TDP which is considered as the second strongest party in the alliance after Congress needs 20 seats. With these demanding numbers, the TPCC bigwigs are scratching their heads to fulfil the needs. Political analysts opine that it is Congress which should cool down a bit and give an equal share to the alliance partners by limiting itself to a good 80-85 seats so that other parties wouldn’t fight among themselves.

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