V6 Channel Anchor Radhika Reddy Commits Suicide!

TV Anchor Radhika Reddy Commits Suicide

V6 Channel Anchor Radhika Reddy Commits Suicide!

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V6 Channel Anchor Radhika Reddy has committed suicide by jumping off from the building. She is survived by a son, who has mental health issues. A suicide note has been recovered by the police. In her suicide note, Radhika Reddy clearly mentioned that she has committed suicide because of depression.

‘Depression drove me to commit suicide. It has become unbearable for me to handle myself’, she said in the letter. She recently got divorced from her husband, after 10 years of marital life. ‘She got divorced 6 months back. Since then, she is undergoing a lot of mental trauma.

Radhika Reddy is living with her father and her son in the apartments. She is a humble lady, and shares a good relationship with the apartment members’, said a resident of the apartment.

According to the police, after Radhika came to her residence from office, she left to the terrace within 10 minutes and has committed suicide. Radhika Reddy is living in Moosapet.  

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