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U-TURN Movie Review & Rating – Telugu Bullet

Cast: Samantha, Aadhi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran, Bhumika Chawla, and others
Story & Director: Pavan Kumar
Producers: Srinivas Chitturi and Rambabu Bandaru
Music Director: Purna Chandra Tejaswi
Cinematography: Niketh Bommi
Editor: Suresh Arumugam

U-Turn Movie release

Now the Telugu cinemas coming with new stories and also getting success. In the wake of this situation, U-Turn came with the same thriller magic. Actually, director Pavan Kumar is the main asset of this film and moreover, Samantha is the biggest advantage of this movie. However, the best story takers Aadhi Pinisetty and Rahul Ravindran also in the movie and Bhumika Chawla also in the movie. So, the expectations are high in the movie. So, just a view…

Movie Plot:

Rachana is an independent girl and press reporter. She always tries to achieve something in life so she postpones her marriage. But, her parents try to get her married. Actually, she loves her colleague Adithya. But, unexpectedly one day, she struck in a murder case. So, a police officer Nayak helps her to get out of the case. In the investigation time, they come to know the relation between the RK Puram Flyover U-turn and previous 10 murders. Moreover, Rachana also in the same trap so she tries out to get out of that but the problems increase gradually. What is the secret behind the U-turn and what about Rachana? Next…! On the screens…

samantha u-turn movie song


Firstly, a thriller movie should drag the audience into itself. Fortunately, director Pavan Kumar succeeded in this point. And, the audience goes into the trans of the movie and Pavan Kumar runs the screenplay like that. Though the movie based on a single point, the screenplay goes interestingly. Director Pavan built up the story with a small element which the people neglect. But, the director may make the pre-climax and climax better fully. A message from a thriller, it is an appreciation thing.

Samantha is the soul of this movie and she created an impact in every scene of her. Moreover, her dubbing also good and only Rachana is there throughout the movie. Bhumika character is special surprise and Rahul, Aadhi did well. As like that, the technical team too good. Mainly, the cinematography and music are plus points for the film.

Telugu Bullet Punchline: U-Turn… A great turn…
Telugu Bullet Rating: 3/5


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