US says, ‘North Korea behind the ‘Wanna Cry’ cyber attack’

‘Wanna Cry’ cyber attack

‘Wanna Cry’ cyber attack’

Posted December 19, 2017, 1:49 pm at 13:49

The US Government alleged that the rogue nation, North Korea was behind the ‘Wanna Cry’ cyber-attack. Nearly 150 countries have been the victims of the attack and more than 3,00,000 computer systems were affected because of the cyber-attack. Many airports and government websites were taken down post the attack.

Tom Bossert, serving President Donald Trump as Homeland Security Department Advisor blamed North Korea for the ‘Wanna Cry’ cyber-attack that cause havoc globally in his article to Wall Street Journal.

He went on to say, ‘These are not mere allegations. We have solid proofs backing our claims. The US government is working to safeguard itself from such kind of cyber-attacks in the future. The US is also preparing to teach the rough nation which is threatening the global world with its nuclear and missile technology. We were successful in implementing restrictions on the rogue nation. If it doesn’t change its stance at once and all, it should be prepared to come under more pressure from the US government.’

Tom Bossert once again reminded the fact that ‘Wanna Cry’ had strong links to the Lazarus group, which was responsible for the theft of US$81 Million from Bangladesh Central bank and destructive attacks on Sony Pictures.

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