Vijaya Nirmala Funeral at Chillukuru Farmhouse

Vijaya Nirmala Funeral at Chillukuru Farmhouse
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Actress, director and producer Vijaya Nirmala passed away on Wednesday night. Her body was brought to her home in Nanak Ramaguda. Vijaya Nirmal’s physical body is to be kept in self-indulgence today. Against this backdrop, movie stars are flocking to see her. Her husband, Krishna, was beside herself with physical activity, causing tears in her eyes.

A little while ago Mahesh Babu came there with his wife and children.SP Balasubrahmanyam, Jayasudha and Tammareddy Bharadwaja have already arrived. Many prominent people pay tribute to Vijay Nirmal’s physical body. The funeral of Vijayanirmala will begin tomorrow (Friday) at 8 am at her home in Nanak Ram Guda. It will be kept in the Film Chamber for a while. The funeral will take place at the farmhouse in Chillukur



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