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HomelatestI will Contest Against CBN: Declares Vijaya Sai Reddy

I will Contest Against CBN: Declares Vijaya Sai Reddy

I will Contest Against CBN: Declares Vijaya Sai Reddy

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The number two of YSRCP, MP Vijay Sai Reddy continued his long-term verbal attack on AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. This time, this Rajya Sabha member dared to throw an open challenge to his enemy.Jagan and his co have been busy promoting themselves as the perfect choice to vote with their Padha Yatras and public meetings. With a strong intention of getting into power, its spokesperson Vijaya Sai Reddy fixed CBN as his target. After accusing CBN and Lokesh of corruption, this MP claims that he can defeat CBN if he chooses to contest from Kuppam.

Not stopping there, Reddy stated that if his supreme Jagan gives him the ticket, he will contest opposite to CBN in order to make him lose the battle. After using Dachepalli minor rape case issue to their Political gain, this kind of comments from Vijaya Sai Reddy only showcases their political drama. If at all Vijaya Sai Reddy manages to contest opposite CBN, any political follower would easily predict the winner.

One is the most experienced Politician who created a record by becoming the youngest MLA in State’s history. While the other is a businessman turned Member of Parliament who won under the name of YSR. on the other hand, Janasena is also preparing perfect candidates to contest from all the constituencies which include Kuppam.Whatever might be the case, this kind of comments from Reddy limit to Public meetings and has nothing to do with the reality. 2019 elections turned interesting with the three-way fight among TDP, YSRCP, and Janasena.

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