Wednesday, December 7, 2022
HomelatestMLA Roja’s New Demands Hit Back At YSRCP:

MLA Roja’s New Demands Hit Back At YSRCP:

MLA Roja’s New Demands Hit Back At YSRCP:

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The party YSRCP and its leaders have single agenda that is making their leader YS Jagan as the CM of AP at any cost. Their desperateness of getting into power is once again proved by Roja’s actions.The entire state was shaken by the brutal rape of 9 years old girl by a 52 years old rickshaw puller Subbaiah. The State Government immediately responded and ordered the Home Ministry to take immediate action. Even the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan too expressed his sorrow via his tweet and maintained his dignity by not politicising the issue. But the Opposition party YSRCP is using this delicate issue to fetch political mileage.

This power mongering party’s Supreme YS Jagan despite expressing his grief dared to slam Babu for encouraging rape culture in the State. His party’s MLA Roja went a step further and made ruckus in Dachepalli only to politicise the issue. After doing a little protest, she was forced to leave the place by the Police Department. Her comments after the protest will only reflect their selfish ideology. In her speech, the Nagari MLA declared that Babu’s Government is nothing but a worse Government which fails to protect women. Not stopping there, she urged the voters of AP to make Jagan as the CM of AP to stop rape culture completely.

Each and every common man can clearly see the hidden intention of YSRCP batch. They want to dethrone Babu and make Jagan as CM and they will use any situation to showcase their desires. Political analysts feel that YSRCP is ridiculing itself by their inexperienced speeches and selfish motives.

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