Sunday, January 29, 2023
HomelatestWe will support Congress candidate: Vijaya Sai Reddy

We will support Congress candidate: Vijaya Sai Reddy

In what may be termed as a shocking piece of news, YSRCP which considers Congress as its rival is all set to support it for the first time since the formation of the party.YSRCP Supreme Jagan launched a separate party from the Mother party Congress for his rivalry with the AICC ex-head Sonia Gandhi. Since then, he is grabbing senior leaders from Congress to the YSRCP to destroy the party in order to showcase his power to the High Command. All is now well between Sonia and Jagan since then and they never talked about one another in all these years. But for the benefit of the State and for his Political gains, Jagan took a stand to support the Congress candidate  in the today’s Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman elections against Modi.

Vijaya Sai Reddy and jagan

Jagan desperately wanted to remove the tag of BJP’s Puppet and to declare himself as anti-Modi to win the trust of AP people. Also, this Chief of YSRCP wants to cover all his controversies regarding BC reservations with this new deed.He has directed his MPs to support Congress in the Upper House at any cost and the same is declared by the YSRCP Rajya Sabha floor leader Vijaya Sai Reddy. This is indeed a surprising thing not only for the political observers but also to the TDP which never anticipated Jagan’s move. TDP is in a mood that it can counter Jagan if he supports NDA today and tag him as a friend of BJP, the party which ditched the residual AP into vain.

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