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Telugu Parties Playing A Crucial Role In RS Deputy Chairman Elections

Today the most anticipated and hyped elections for the post of Rajya Sabha’s Deputy Chairman will be held. Entire Nation along with the two Telugu parties are eagerly waiting to see the result.Apart from the main contestants of NDA and Congress, the two Telugu parties of Andhra Pradesh TDP and YSRCP along with the Telangana Party, TRS is going to play a prominent role in this elections. As there as a total of 244 seats in the Rajya Sabha.The candidate should get at least 123 seats in order to become the Deputy of the Upper house. NDA has a strength of 73 members whereas the Opposition Congress has 50 members in the house. The Telugu parties TDP and YSRCP each has 6 MPs and 2 MPs respectively have decided to support the Congress Candidate for their hatred on Modi. however, the most puzzled party is the TRS which has a strength of 6 Members in his kitty. TRS Chief KCR has fallen into a groove to have a stand on today’s elections.

Telangana in 2019 elections.If he supports NDA, then he will be ridiculed by the Oppositions for favoring the party which ditched AP and stopped funds to the Telangana. At the same time, he cannot support Congress as it is the present Opposition in the State.Political analysts predict that the AP leaders for sure will stand by Congress and there will be likely to have a deal and alliance for the 2019 elections as well. But the TRS finally supports the NDA candidate as it needs to have an alliance with BJP to defeat TDP-Congress link in Telangana in 2019 elections.

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