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Vijayendra Prasad About Magadheera 2

Vijayendra Prasad Gives Clarity

Director Rajamouli, Ramcharan combination movie Maghadeera will be remembered till the end of the telugu film industry. Again the combination of Rajamouli and Ramcharan Vijayendra Prasad gives clarity on Magadheera 2. The records of the movie got are very high. So after Bahubali Rajamouli is going to do the movie with Ramcharan. Because of this, the people think that the movie is going to be maghadeera2.

On this Rajamouli father, Vijayendra Prasad has given clarity. Till now this kind of plans is not there. But his wish of doing Maghadeera 2 with Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan. For his screen of film Rajmouli has to direct the movie said him. But there is no clarity when this is going to happen. So there is clarity that even if Rajmouli is doing the movie with Ramcharan only but this is not going to be maghadeera2. This week Vijayendra Prasad movie Srivalli is going to get into cinemas this week.

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