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Nithin Next Film Heroine Confirmed

Nithin Next Film Heroine Confirmed

Film industry people are very sentimental. If a movie is a hit the repetition of combination and in case of the flop the combination will not be repeated. But in case of Nithin, this does not happen. The movie lie is a very big disaster in Nithin’s career. And heroine Megha Akash has not got any offers after this movie. But Nithin next film heroine confirmed as Megha Akash.

Even the movie is not hit but the heroin Megha Akash got a very good name for her acting. But acting of heroin in the movie is just ok. But due to the reason of friendship or because of some other relationship between them Nithin recommended for the same heroin. And producer also made the agreement with her. Now Nithin is busy in a movie made by Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram. After completion of this, he is going to start the new movie. In that movie, Nithin is going to romance with Megha Akash. Let see at least for this time Nithin gives a break through to Megha Akash and make her stand in Tollywood.

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