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HomelatestDigvijay Strategy for YSRCP

Digvijay Strategy for YSRCP

Digvijay Strategy for YSRCP

Digvijay Strategy for YSRCP: Congress leaders along with Chairperson Digvijay setup a meeting in Vijayawada regarding the Nandyala and Kakinada election result. It seems that they had come to a conclusion in that meeting. If Congress should get the prior recognition in Andhra Pradesh, We have to focus on YCP which is the main reason to regain the votes. Once upon a time, the Loksatha Party focused on the same plan that leads to the defeat of TDP in 2009 elections. At that time the Congress candidate got fewer votes when compared to Lok Satha votes around 20 to 30 seats. Congress decided to go ahead with the strategy in next elections that affects YCP a lot.

But the original situation is not much easy. Many leaders who participated in the meeting are trying to safeguard YSRCP. They are giving advice and instructions politically by making phone calls to Jagan. In the present situation, Congress implementation of the strategy is difficult rather than planning. The other argument says that Congress is also making pressure on YSRCP expecting for the alliance with Congress.

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