Virus movie review

Virus movie review

Virus movie Telugu bullet review

Sampoornesh Babu virus review

Virus movie review Virus Actors : Sampoornesh Babu, Geetha sha

Director: S.R. Krishna  Producer : Saleem, Srinivas Mangala

Music director : Meenakshi, Sunil Kasyap

Virus movie review :Sampoornesh Babu is the different kind of actor present in the Telugu industry. He attracts every body with his performance in his debut movie hrudhaya kaleyam.

Now he’s once again back with a different title and a different story named as Virus. Furthermore The buzz is that, the movie is as different as title. Else it’s got the same type of comedy Which sampu did in his last films. To know more about virus let’s have a look on virus review.

Story : Kittu is a cable TV operator who lives in an apartment. He gains money using the affairs of the couple’s who lives in the apartment. Because of this purpose he uses some CCTV cameras and he fixes them randomly in some places of the apartment. Using this video footage, once Kittu saves a girl from commiting suicide.

While this is happening , another guy named Raghava Reddy dies. As a result Cops suspect Kittu as the murderer. Consequently the movie runs around finding and investigating who the murderer is. In short we can say that it’s a murder mystery .

The different thought of the director is that by using Burning star sampoornesh Babu he portrayed a crime thriller movie. By using the apartment as the base of the movie director also created some comedy scenes to entertain the audience. But director didn’t use sampoo’s comedy acting completely. which is why their are only some comedy scenes in the first half. we can say that director succeeded in portraying the murder mystery properly in the second half. Screenplay has also got its appreciation.

Probably Director indirectly shows the current situations of crime in the society along with a good message in the movie. Sampoo has given his hundred percent efforts and his performance. He had done well in comedy , dance etc. But in some scenes we can see that viva Harsha and vennela kishore’s acting dominates sampoo’s acting .

Plus points :
Second half
Murder mystery
A good message

Minus points :
Comedy is upto the expected level

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