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Vishnu Manchu clears the air on his presence at Pawan Kalyan rally

Vishnu Manchu, who shared the dais with Telugu ‘power star’ Pawan Kalyan at the ‘Alai Balai’ event here, had tweeted a video which had drawn criticism from both sides following the recent MAA elections.

Most of the replies to the tweet had criticised that Vishnu was ignored by Pawan Kalyan at the event. Some netizens even went further and commented that Vishnu deserved to be ignored for the unwanted comments he made on the ‘Mega’ family during the MAA elections.

Vishnu Manchu finally came out in his defence, clearing the air about the video. Vishnu said, “I shared the video to surprise Pawan Kalyan’s fans, as Pawan Kalyan has a lot of fans. It is not true that he ignored me or we have any kind of enmity as it is projected. As per the protocol at the Alai Balai event, we did not talk on the stage. But sure had a brief chat off the stage,” Vishnu said.

Vishnu added that Pawan Kalyan had wished him on winning the MAA elections. “Pawan Kalyan expressed that MAA is like his mother, and asked me to protect it with full responsibility”. Going forward, Vishnu also posted a YouTube link, where Pawan Kalyan and Vishnu seem to be having a brief conversation.

Well, the industry folks are wondering why Vishnu is keen to prove these things, while he has a greater responsibility as the president of MAA.

The recent Movie Artistes Association (MAA) elections had triggered friction among Tollywood artistes. With the elected president Vishnu’s media interactions, and his father Mohan Babu’s public statements, things got only worse.

Vishnu Manchu had commented about Chiranjeevi and his family being against him during the elections.

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