Pawan’s stand on Telangana elections: Free choice for Janasainikas

Vote For Small Corruption Leaders In Telangana Says Pawan Kalyan

Already all the Political parties have finished their election campaigns in Telangana by the other day. Along with them, the party Janasena which has a decent vote bank and followers has updated about its stand on the snap polls. None other than the party’s head Pawan Kalyan revealed his support to the Political party the other day with much clarity.When Janasenani declared that he will reveal his stand on Telangana Political parties, everyone thought that this leader would favor TRS which is working against Pawan’s longtime rivals Congress and TDP.


Finally, on 5th of December, Pawan Kalyan released a video byte exclusively for the Janasainikas in Telangana about the snap polls. Despite uttering a single party’s name, Pawan gave a free choice to his fans to vote for their favorite leaders and parties. However, he asked them to think deep before voting and opt for the less corrupted leader to have better governance.Here the million dollars question from his fans is finding out a way to recognize the less corrupted leaders in the current Political scenario. All are almost corrupted and no one could ever find out the difference in Politics. Analysts state that Pawan played a safe game in T-polls with his stand which will not affect his vote bank in the upcoming AP Elections.


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