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We’ve Faith In Babu More Than Jagan – Mudragada

In Kakinada, Jagan said that ‘the Kapu reservation is not state’s issue, it is the central issue. If YSRCP comes into the ruling, we will give double benefits to Kapu corporation. So, Andhra Pradesh Kapu Leader Mudragada Padbhanamam fires on this comments of Jagan.

In a press meet, Mudragada has talked about Jagan and said “Mr.Jagan, once upon a time you supports Kapu reservation and fought for this in assembly. But now you say it is the central issue. Then, Why are you fighting for Special Status of AP? Is it not central issue..?”

And also said “Don’t hurt the feelings and emotions of Kapu community people, if you do not give reservation to Kapu community then why we vote for you..? You have power nostalgic but we shouldn’t be the ambition for Kapu reservation..? We just ask, please make the reservations for only poor ones of Kapu community. Is it wrong..?”

In the wake of this situations, Mudragada explains his motive about their support and he said “We have faith in CM Chandra Babu Naidu, he will make better for Kapu reservation. We support the person who makes the favor to us.”

It is a very key point in AP politics because of Mudragada speech, supporting the TDP. In 2014 elections also, Jagan failed to get seats in ambient Godavari districts. This time also it may repeat.

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