Who will win the Race? YCP? … TDP?

Who will win the Race? YCP? ... TDP?

The excitement of Political members and voters of AP coming to an end in a few hours. AP Loksaba and assembly election results are yet to be released today. Kept everyone Suspense about who is going to form the government. Election commission members are counting the votes under full security. Counting was started for 175 AP Assembly seats via EVM ballots and announce the results for each and every stage. Till now YCP is in the leading position in 152 seats, TDP leads 23 seats and JSP leads a seat. TDP Party cannot cross the YCP Party as they are in lead position. In the first round, YCP leader Chandramouli is in lead by 67 votes compared to TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu at Kuppam assembly constituency. In the 2nd round, Chandrababu is in lead by 1500 votes. YCP leaders are in lead position from many assembly constituencies compare to TDP Leaders. YCP leaders are in lead from the 10 assembly seats in Nellore districts.


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