Will Make PM Know What We Are Capable Of: CBN


Will Chandrababu Naidu Become The Prime Minister

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The Chief Minister of bifurcated Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu is in Delhi fighting for his State. Apart from meeting his to be allies, he is giving away straight interviews to big media houses to make India know the wrath of the Andhrites.

In one of his interaction with a National media, CBN expressed his heart out regarding his fight with the Centre. CBN claimed that the Centre has completely ditched AP post bifurcation. Even though he had been to the Capital 29 times, Bigwigs in the Centre failed to do justice to his State. Answering about Modi’s assurance, Babu stated that Modi completely ignored him when he entered Parliament despite their past friendship. Also, CBN added that the BJP after cutting the alliance with TDP is completely behaving like strangers by not sparing their time to TDP MPs.

This senior leader of Telugu land claimed that his party is not going to give their self-respect and is ready to resign for State’s benefit. When questioned about a front which will unite entire South India against the Centre, the TDP Chief declared that many are supporting the State of AP in bifurcation act. Naidu revealed that he is going to strengthen his fight by joining hands with all anti-BJP leaders to achieve justice. Hope Babu’s Delhi visit brings fruits to the State which has no perfect Capital and development.

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