YSRCP’s Ploy Decoded: Benefits And Risks Explained

YSRCP Ploy Decoded Benefits 

YSRCP Ploy Decoded Benefits 

Posted April 5, 2018, 4:58 pm at 16:58

The YSRCP is working their plans out in the Capital New Delhi to gain the trust of AP people. Its Supreme’s new plans are going to get implemented today at any cost. Let us see the results and drawbacks of Jagan’s strategy in detail.

The Opposition leader YS Jagan the other day declared that his MPs are going to offer their resignation letters to the Speaker if No Confidence Motion is not discussed. Also, the information from the sources close to Jagan revealed that he ordered his MPs to resign today as Parliament will take No Confidence Motion into account. If at all the MPs of YSRCP resign their posts, there is a perfect chance to have elections once again to win with people’s sympathy. Also, this act will also gain voters’ trust in 2019 general elections which in turn help Jagan to become CM of AP State.

Just in case if his plan fails, it has two possibilities in which both lead to the utter flop show of YSRCP. The first case is if YSRCP MPs resigns and elections won’t happen due to the time period issues, then there will be no result and also people.blame Jagan for playing games. The second Case is that if their resignations got accepted and still there is no discussion on No-Confidence Motion, then Jagan will lose his valuable MPs and this act will end up as the biggest regret of his Political life. For now, these are the cases regarding Jagan’s strategy but the clever Opposition leader who is fond of Power is intelligent enough to fetch something positive out of this whole ploy. Likewise YSRCP camp, seniormost Political analysts kept their fingers crossed for now.

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