Wednesday, December 1, 2021
HomelatestWill Give TPCC Tickets To AP Settlers As Well: Uttam Kumar Reddy

Will Give TPCC Tickets To AP Settlers As Well: Uttam Kumar Reddy

The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chairman Uttam Kumar Reddy has made sensational comments the other day. His riveting offer to all the AP and Telangana people is heavily discussed among the Political circles.

To increase the party’s strength and vote bank in Telangana, the High Command has passed resolutions to the TPCC in order to move into Position from the Opposition. Its regional head Uttam Kumar Reddy is cleverly utilizing the minorities and AP people who live in Telangana with their votes registered in Hyderabad. He revealed to press that the party is open to all the people despite the regional differences. Making it clear, he declared that his party is ready to give tickets for the positions of MP, MLA, MLC, and other low-level managements like Corporators etc to AP people who are living in Hyderabad to contest in upcoming elections. Terming the residents of Hyderabad who hail from AP as voters of Telangana, they have all the rights to contest in Telangana Elections to have the TPCC behind their well being in the State.

Uttam ridiculed KCR by pointing out that he never tried to pressurize the Centre in order to fulfill the Bifurcation promises like Bayyaram Mines, Universities etc. claiming that Congress has made Hyderabad to get remained in Telangana, Uttam stated that KCR is trying to take the credit from Congress in achieving Separate Telangana. This leader is quite confident about changing the minds of AP people and make them vote for the Party which bifurcated the State in the most ridiculous manner.

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