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HomelatestIs Pk Not Contributing or Jagan Not Using Him?

Is Pk Not Contributing or Jagan Not Using Him?

India’s one of the leading Political Planner Prashant Kishor has been ridiculed by some Political analysts for not helping Jagan. But the real facts are entirely opposite as per the sources close to YSRCP cadre.

Prashant Kishor, known as PK is well known to the Political lovers. This most famous Elections strategist played a prominent role of Indian Prime Minister’s crucial win in 2014 elections across India. Later he worked for different parties and leaders like Nitish Kumar and others. However, PK faced severe failure in bringing Rahul Gandhi to the power in Uttar Pradesh but many termed it as a shear failure of Congress instead of PK. looking at this impressive track record, the Opposition leader of AP, YS Jagan hired Prashant with more than his normal remuneration. After the entry of PK, Jagan’s position in the State only gone from bad to worse. YSRCP lost in the Nandyal Polls which initially favored Jagan’s candidate. Also the present actions of Jagan like backing up from BC Reservations, personal attacks on his rivals fetching huge bad name to this strategist.

But the YSRCP leaders have another version of this issue. It is learned that despite PK’s advice, the supreme Jagan is taking his own decisions. Not giving prominence to PK and his team, Jagan is ignoring the facts from the surveys done especially on YSRCP’s vote bank. Also, PK has vanished from the State as he is getting calls from none other than BJP to continue power in 2019 so PK is rumored to be unofficially cut the ties from YSRCP. However, an official declaration is awaited regarding this issue.

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