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Thanish On No.1 Place, Roll On 2nd…! – Bigg Boss

Tanish takes No.1 place, Roll Rida takes 2nd place, Kowshal and Deepthi take 3rd place… What is this nonsense…! Don’t be confused, it is Bigg Boss new task on Monday episode. As come to the matter, for the nominations to this week, Bigg Boss gives a task to the housemates i.e. everyone should take the ranks themselves and discuss altogether to take a rank. So, the boards are set up in the garden area and everyone should stand to be in front of the boards.

So, Tanish stands on rank 1, Roll Rida on 2, Kowshal and Deepthi on 3, Samrat on 4, Amith on 5, Sunaina on 6, Babu Gogineni on 7, Ganesh on 8, Nandini on 9, Geetha on 11, and Pooja on 12. The number remains empty because Kowshal and Deepthi both stand on number 3.

So, Bigg Boss nominated the candidates who have taken 7 to 12 ranks. Geetha is captain for this weak so she is safe. This is the first week for Pooja, so she is also in the safe zone. The unexpected thing is Kowshal and Deepthi also in nominations. Because they both take 3, so they are also in nomination. And Shyamala and Nuthan Naidu not entered in the house on Monday.

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