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HomelatestWoman Official became a scapegoat to AP CM- Roja

Woman Official became a scapegoat to AP CM- Roja

Woman Official became a scapegoat to AP CM 

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A woman official was transferred immediately by the AP Government after the Vijayawada Kanaka Durga tantric poojas in the temple premises surfaced. The woman, Surya Kumari is an EO to the temple.

YSR Congress MLA RK Roja claimed that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu was behind the tantric poojas performed in the temple to elevate his son Nara Lokesh as Chief Minister. She alleges that these father-son has resorted to such poojas to remain in power forever. Since things did not go according to their plan and they were caught red-handed, the government has conveniently shifted the blame on EO Surya Kumari and transferred her. Even at the time of cash for vote scandal, CBN was caught red-handed. An official by name Anuradha was made scapegoat at that time. Roja claimed it became a fashion to Chandrababu Naidu for making a woman officials scapegoat. She also opined that Peethadhipathis and Swamijis should come forward and question such illegal activities happen within the temple.

Roja is called as a firebrand, as the name goes by she was harsh to say that CBN whole family should be ashamed of themselves for indulging in such cheap activities. She also accused Chandrababu of snubbing all those who raise voice against his government with such false cases.

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