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HomelatestWorld Telugu Conference shocked over Owaisi’s Superb Telugu speech

World Telugu Conference shocked over Owaisi’s Superb Telugu speech

Owaisi’s Superb Telugu speech

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At the opening ceremony of World Telugu Conference, Asaduddin Owaisi began his address in this manner. ‘Sabhaku Vichesina Pramukulaku Namaskaramulu. Prapancha Telugu Mahasabha Sandarbamga Telangana Prajalaku Subhabinandanalu’, this Telugu speech of Asaduddin Owaisi at the WTC came as a huge shocker to everyone. It is because of no one to date seen MIM Chief speak Telugu so far.

Owaisi said he was happy with Hyderabad hosting World Telugu Conference. He also praised Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao for doing as much as he can do for Telugu Language. He also told Hindus and Muslims have been living together since the era of Qutub Shahi. Now, KCR has been continuing the same tradition.

Telangana is evolving as a No.1 state in the country. He also opined that there is a vast development in IT sector and many others as well.

The Hyderabad MP recalled Sharif who is from the old city of Hyderabad translated Quran from Urdu to Telugu. Writer Gafoor declared there is no other country like India in the world. We have so many languages and cultures in our nation. There is every need to protect them, stressed Owaisi.

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