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HomelatestYashwanth Singh’s Letter To BJP MPs Shaking The Centre:

Yashwanth Singh’s Letter To BJP MPs Shaking The Centre:

Yashwanth Singh Letter To BJP MP

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The party BJP and its leader Narendra Modi has been making India worse than the past. This most celebrated party is now getting degraded day by day not from its Opposition but from its own leaders. One of the party’s senior-most leader Yashwant Sinha dared to make anti-Modi letter publicly.

This ex-Minister took a National English daily and wrote a detailed letter to his fellow BJP MPs against their leader Modi. With a title ‘ Dear Friend, Speak Up’ this MP has touched the hearts of many readers who feel exactly same as he does. Yashwanth addressed his wrath letter to his MPs in BJP and asked them to raise the voice against Modi. Starting from pointing at the errors of Modi’s four years failed to rule to the degrading democracy, Yashwanth slammed Modi batch indirectly. He said that under the guidance of their ex-boss Vajpayee, they used to conduct Parliament giving the opportunity to fellow MPs and to Oppositions equally but looking at the present way of Parliament, Yaswanth feels that Modi completely changed the good name of their party under his leadership.

He asked his fellow MPs of the so-called rapid growth and development by Modi is real or just fake. He felt that unemployment, atrocities on minorities and Democracy disintegration have just increased exponentially despite their false claims. Never before in the history of Indian Politics, the Modi batch wrapped Budget sessions in the shortest time. Yaswanth also raised his finger to point at Modi’s dictatorial behavior by limiting MPs to their seats, not giving appointments, one-way talks and meetings etc. He felt a perfect change in leadership in BJP. To regain the trust of voters or else, they are going to lose in next Lok Sabha elections. Yaswanth declared that this Government is good at making banks lose stakes, letting fraudsters escape from the country and allowing terrorism into the Nation.

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