JC predicts The Results Of 2019 Elections:

JC predicts The Results Of 2019 Elections

JC predicts The Results Of 2019 Elections

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The controversial Politician JC Diwakar Reddy has again made news with his remarks on regional and National leaders. In his recent interview, this daring Politician has revealed his own predictions of upcoming elections.

JC talked about the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his respect for AP. Declaring him as the power-mongering leader, Reddy stated that Modi will not give Special Status to AP even if someone slashes his head. On the same note, he asks people of AP to stop thinking about getting it from BJP Government. According to JC, BJP has the capacity to win in the next PM elections and Modi will lead India as PM for the second consecutive time. Even then, he will show no respect nor love to AP at any cost. Also, he ridiculed the claims made by the AP BJP leaders regarding the sanction of 14000 crores of rupees to the Andhra for development. Diwakar asked people not to believe in BJP anymore.

This Anantapur leader declared that both TRS Government and TDP Government will continue their term in 2019 elections at any cost. But JC opined that CBN has to work hard to gain CM seat compared to KCR in Telangana. Talking about the Opposition parties, Reddy alleged that BJP has bought both YSRCP and Janasena in order to merge them as a parallel power to TDP. However, he declared that those parties will not join hands as both the Supremes need CM seat.

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