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HomelatestYSRCP And TRS Contribution NDA Win In RS Deputy Election

YSRCP And TRS Contribution NDA Win In RS Deputy Election

Politics is always a game of uncertainty and it has been once again proven by the Telugu Political Parties. Today, the Deputy Chairman for Rajya Sabha elections are conducted and NDA’s candidate Harivansh Narayan Singh has won the battle. Let us have a look at the contribution of some Telugu Political parties for NDA’s win.

NDA Win in Rajya sabha

After the elections of Public Accounts Department in the Parliament, the elections for the Deputy head of the Upper House were organized today. Speaker of the house K Venkaiah declared that the NDA’s candidate from its ally JDU, Harivash has won with 122 votes among the 223 members against the Congress candidate who got 105 votes. The three Telugu Political parties TDP, YSRCP, and TRS took their individual decisions in their contributions. All the six Telugu Desam MPs supported the Congress candidate for their hatred on the NDA Government. TRS broke its confusion and continued its support to the NDA camp likewise they supported the BJP in No Confidence Motion earlier.

plans and voted for NDA’s candidate

The party which officially declared to the Press that they would stick to the Congress changed their plans and voted for NDA’s candidate. Sources say that the BJP camp pressured YSRCP in order to have a deal in the time of elections to defeat TDP in Andhra Pradesh. No one knows why YSRCP the other day’s night stated that it would vote for Congress if their minds are clear about supporting BJP’s side. Seems Jagan is digging his own pit with the recent actions of his.

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