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YSRCP Candidates Are One Time Players: Declares CBN

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is irked with his MLAs defected into his rival party YSRCP. He showcased his frustration by making some remarks on the AP Opposition leader YS Jagan and his party.

CBN expressed his carelessness on these jumped MLAs by declaring that he is not intimidated by any of the happened recent Politics. Declaring YSRCP as a party with one time players, Babu stated that the YSRCP leaders are good at buying tickets investing more money into the party. He pointed at Jagan’s rules of applying for an MLA seat and the main requirement of being a rich man is the criteria. According to CBN, Jagan is banking on these rich leaders only to ensure their win by distributing money within their respective constituency and also to increase the party’s election funds. To an extent, CBN’s claims are true and Jagan is confirming the tickets to those who gave the said amounts to the party and the speculated amount is more than 10 crores.

This TDP chief is currently busy developing the anti-Modi front in the capital. His aim is to get a hold at the Centre along with the AP State.

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