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HomelatestYSRCP Sings The Same Old Song Yet Again:

YSRCP Sings The Same Old Song Yet Again:

YSRCP Sings The Same Old Song Yet Again

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The Opposition of AP Assembly. YSRCP is making a fool out of it by openly declaring its strategy of functioning. The party’s Spokesperson Vijaya Sai Reddy’s special column in an English daily explains it all.

If we have an overall look at this party’s agenda apart from getting into Power, any other Political enthusiast would clearly say Jagan is interested in dethroning Babu. To achieve this, the entire party is following a new rule called ‘Changing languages’. That means, they say one thing in English and the opposite in Telugu. The moment he bailed out of Prison in 2013, Jagan stated to the National media that he has no issue to work with UPA despite cheating AP and blasted Congress in the State. We have seen the same rule in Jagan’s recent interview with a leading National Media. Jagan sent positive vibrations to the Centre regarding his possible alliance with NDA but in his state meetings in Public, he claimed that he is the one who can stand against the Centre to achieve Special Category Status.

When it comes to his mentor cum right hand Vijaya Sai Reddy, he openly supports the Indian PM Modi and slams TDP for not fighting against the Centre in local Telugu media. Vijay followed this daily routine rule of theirs in his recent English article. He dared to question TDP by backing his leader Jagan’s unconditional fight for Special Status. Not stopping there, he heaped praises on the Centre showcasing his trust on Modi. So political lovers feel that YSRCP is in a thought that the people of AP are blind enough to believe everything YSRCP says or they are bad at English.

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