Zoho launch ‘Ulaa’ web browser


Zoho’s New Web Browser

Zoho introduces ‘Ulaa’ web browser with a focus on users’ privacy, with pre-built capabilities that universally block tracking and website surveillance to safeguard users’ personal data.

'ulaa' web browser
safeguard users’ personal data

The privacy-centered browser Ulaa (which means journey or voyage in Tamil) is equipped with features that allow for privacy customization, built-in user profile modes, and integrated productivity tools while keeping user data safe and private.

Users can also sync browsing sessions between devices – either an entire browser window or a singular tab – allowing them to use multiple devices for the same browsing session seamlessly, the company said in a statement.

“With Ulaa, users don’t have to compromise their privacy to browse the web, which unfortunately has become a surveillance minefield. Zoho’s commitment to privacy and our privacy-centric business model allows us to offer a conflict-free, privacy-centric browser to those who value their own privacy and their kids’ privacy,” said Sridhar Vembu, CEO and Co-founder, of Zoho.

Ulaa doesn’t track or share user data with any third parties.

“DNS Prefetching is prohibited in Ulaa, so data cannot be cached, nor can motion sensors to track mouse movement and clicks. Ad and data tracking blockers in Ulaa prevent unauthorized push notifications, pop-ups, and time tracking,” said the company.

Ulaa also disables the API that allows websites to connect and communicate with devices connected to the computer or wifi network.

It’s also integrated with apps that boost productivity, including Zia Search for existing users, and Zoho Notebook, a dedicated note-taking space that works across all tabs.

Ulaa includes Zoho Annotator, a new, free extension that enables annotations directly to web pages and images. All Chrome browser extensions are compatible with Ulaa, and can be directly installed from the Chrome Webstore, said the company.

The iOS and Android versions are currently in beta and available for download.

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